Health Consulting for Individuals

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Select individual services are available at a sliding scale rate. Proof of income required prior to first session. Individuals who book the standard rates are helping to sustain access for individuals with lower income.

What is Health Consulting?

Learn more about what health consulting for individuals entails here

IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL THERAPY SERVICE. I will only be providing consulting/coaching based services, meaning I will not be evaluating, assessing, or treating any medical conditions you may have. If you are interested in information about physical therapy services Click Here

Individual Health Consultation


60-75 min Initial Consultation 

30 min Follow-up Consultations


A 1-on-1 video conference call. We will spend 60 minutes together in an in-depth discussion about your entire health history from past to present. We will dive into your beliefs on health, fitness, and well-being and how they are currently implemented into your life or how they have been inhibited from being implemented.

When people typically think about their health, they often only focus on the physical and ignore the emotional, psychological, social, and environmental aspects of health. I will be guiding you in establishing the connections between all aspects of health in your life in order to improve the understanding of your health holistically.

After creating a clear picture of your health, I will perform a basic movement screen to give you foundational knowledge of your mobility. We will then end the session with planning actionable goals to work towards.


Initial Consultation Basic 


  • Initial Consulting session ONLY 

Initial Consultation Plus Package 


  • Personalized health guide that is specifically tailored around your current health and based off of the initial health consulting session. The guide is meant to help you implement positive changes towards your health and quality of life.
  • 4-Week Training Program for optimizing your physical health that is specifically customized to allow for safe exercise around any medical conditions you may have
  • One FREE 30-minute Follow-up Health Consulting Session 

Initial Consultation Silver Package 


  • All items in Plus Package 
  • Three 30-minute Follow-up Sessions
  • Access to me on weekdays (excluding holidays or other specific notice) via messaging (personal app) for duration of services 

Initial Consultation Gold Package 


  • All items in Plus Package
  • Additional 4 weeks added to the Training program (Total of 8 Weeks)
  • Five 30-minute Follow-up Sessions
  • Personalized health tracker 
  • Telehealth: Access to me weekdays (excluding holidays or other specific notice) via messaging personal app for duration of services 

Movement Analysis with Customized Training Program


60 min Physical Assessment, Movement Analysis, and Performance Testing 

12-week individualized workout program


Interested in starting an exercise program to improve your general health, achieve body composition goals, improve your performance, or just to get you feeling alive again?

This service is for the person who wants to focus solely on their movement.

Whether you want to workout in the comfort of your own home, the gym, or outdoors, Deconstruct Health can create a customized training program for you!

Deconstruct Health’s workout programs are created by a Doctor of Physical Therapy who will address your mobility, strength, balance and coordination, and cardiovascular endurance, while taking into consideration any medical conditions you may have.

You will receive a 60 min in-depth physical assessment, movement analysis, and performance testing for a complete profile of your physical abilities and gain a better understanding of your strength, balance & coordination, and mobility. During the movement analysis you will be coached for improved form for injury prevention and increased efficiency.

You will then receive a customized workout program based on your movement analysis and current health status for optimal physical health and improved performance. 

Services will be performed in person or through video chat, in addition the client will record their movements if required.


Train with a Doctor


30 or 60 min Personal Training Sessions

4 weeks, 8 weeks, or 12 weeks of Online Personal Training