Pelvic Health Physical Therapy 

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 At Deconstruct Health we understand that all pain is real and will assure that your pain experience is heard and validated for a personal, caring, and affirming experience .

Your goals are our goals and we will strive together to make them reality.  

Have you experienced chronic pelvic pain (such as testicular pain, penile pain, anal/rectal pain, bladder pain, vulvar pain, vaginal pain or general pain in your pelvic area), been given countless antibiotics, multiple injections, or surgeries with no changes in pain?

Do you experience urinary and/or fecal leakage with or without activity, the constant need to urinate or defecate, going to the bathroom just in case, a constant need to wake up throughout the night to use the bathroom, constipation or inability to fully empty your bladder and/or bowels?

Do you have a pelvic organ prolapse, have been avoiding all the activities you love and enjoy, and have been told nothing can be done for it except surgery? 

Have you experienced difficulty with sex such as, erectile dysfunction, painful sex, pain with anal or vaginal penetration, painful orgasms, or lack of pleasure?

Recovering from gender affirmation surgery and feel like you are unsure about how the recovery process should be going or maybe the recovery hasn’t gone as smoothly as you thought it would be? 

Have you felt like you haven’t fully recovered from your pregnancy (c-section/vaginal birth) and are unable to get back to doing all the things you used to?

Have you gone through several medical tests and examinations for your pelvic pain, urinary/bowel/sexual function issues and no one seems to be able to give you any answers or solutions to truly help you?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then a pelvic health physical therapist may be the solution you’ve been searching for. 

At Deconstruct Health our pelvic health physical therapist will provide you with a comfortable, caring, gender affirming, and trauma-informed experience when performing your evaluation through:

  • a detailed interview to learn your story and discover the relavent connections between your past medical history, past traumas (physical and emotional), movement patterns, toilet behaviors, sexual history, daily activities, social life, and work life that may be affecting your pelvic pain and function,
  • a thorough orthopedic screen and movement analysis,
  • a gloved external genital and/or internal vaginal/rectal physical therapy evaluation of your pelvic floor (which are group of muscles, ligaments, fascia, and nerves that control your ability urinate, defecate, and have sex) with continuous check-ins for consent throughout the exam
    • Clients are provided with the option of bringing a third-party to initial evaluation and follow-ups
  • Followed by a personalized treatment plan with follow-up pelvic floor physical therapy sessions to address your individual needs.

What type of treatment is involved in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy?

Once you have been thoroughly evaluated, pelvic floor physical therapy treatment may comprise of a combination of the following, but not limited to:

  • Pelvic floor exercises that may focus on either strengthening, relaxing, improving your motor control of your pelvic floor muscles, or a combination of all of the above for optimal urinary, bowel, and sexual function.
  • Pelvic floor motor control training via gloved internal or external feedback for improved pelvic floor coordination and function
  • Therapeutic Exercises for other areas of your body such as your lower back, core, abdomen, or hips which may be the source of or contributing to your pelvic pain, discomfort, or dysfunction
  • Movement modifications to help reduce the symptoms of pain, discomfort, or dysfunction you may be experiencing with activities or sexual function
  • Return to activity training, such as walking, running, weight lifting, sports or sexual function.   
  • Manual therapy, such as scar tissue desensitization (c-section scar, hernia-repair scars, etc), internal stretching of the pelvic floor, external soft tissue desensitization, and nerve mobilization. 
  • Sensory reintegration training: External and/or Internal localization training of the pelvic floor, Graded Motor Imagery techniques 
  • Dilator therapy or Wand therapy for self-treatment
  • Bowel/Bladder journaling to find patterns of urinary/bowel function with possible dietary contributors 
  • Nutritional advice to address potential dietary contributors to pelvic pain or dysfunction
  • Toilet behavior modifications to reduce habits that may be reinforcing bowel, bladder, and/or sexual dysfunction
  • Pain education and coaching to understand why you hurt and how to address the why

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