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Health can be a very complex topic that can overwhelm many folx. At Deconstruct Health we promote a message of health that is centered in inclusivity and equity to allow for an improved understanding of others.  Our goal is to improve society’s understanding of health, not only in regards to physical health, but in the context of how our health is influenced by the intersection of our identities, emotional wellbeing, social network, and environments (whether it be work, home, or our neighborhoods).

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Understanding Pain Workshop

Are you interested in learning more about pain? Become a host for the Understanding Pain Workshop, to learn about what pain is and why we experience it, how our nervous system plays a pivotal role in our pain experience, the difference between acute pain and chronic pain, and how improving your knowledge about pain can actually help you be in LESS pain!

In this workshop I will be breaking down what the current evidence in pain neuroscience and physical rehabilitation research says about some common pain conditions, such as low back pain, neck pain, and muscle/tendon/ligament injuries. I will also busting some common pain myths that have become unfortunately widely spread as facts and inform you what are the best treatments for them!

I will be translating what seems like complicated information into something that can be easily understood and guide you through activities to empower you with a greater understanding of your unique pain experience and tools that I give my patients in their healing path to recovery!


The Power of Affirming Language in the Path to Recovery from Persistent Pain for LGBTQIA+ Folx

Learn about the importance of the biopsychosocial framework in the context of persistent pain, with a focus on the LGBTQIA+ experience. We will delve into what the current pain science literature says about patient education in regards to persistent pain, why a multidisciplinary approach with consistent language amongst providers is crucial for a patient’s path to healing, provide his approach in treatment from a physical therapy perspective, as well as tools for self-care for those experiencing persistent pain. 
photo credit: Harry Quan

The Power of Connection: How Promoting Health Through Inclusivity Can Improve your Business

Rising health costs have become an ever-growing burden to the workforce. More and more people everyday are having aches and pains that are preventing them from being productive at work or preventing them from going to work, which results in lost wages, decreased productivity, decreased revenue, and decreased profits. This increases the stress for everyone in the system. 

Improving the health of your workforce is currently one of the best investments a business can make. What if improving the health of your employees could be addressed with improving the level of social connection between your workforce. Find out why social connection is important to establishing a more profitable business in this lecture and how Deconstruct Health can help improve the health of your organization.