Deconstruct: verb. to break something down into its parts in order to understand its meaning, especially when this is different from how it was previously understood

Our Mission:

Make Health Simple

Through Empowered Recovery


We teach you the tools to recover from pain and optimize your health independently.

What Makes Us Different?

1-on-1, 1 hour-long visits with a Doctor of Physical Therapy providing your treatment and no use of PT aides or assistants.

Individualized treatment plans based on your individual goals and personalized home programs that give you lifetime access to your curated health tool kit.

Treatment plans are dictated by you and your needs, not by insurance.

Our Treatment Approach

We do not stop at just making you feel better. We work with you as a team to develop your personalized set of knowledge and tools to help you reclaim a sense of ownership over your body, so you no longer feel lost and powerless.

Our philosophy of treatment involves not only looking at and addressing the physical stressors on your body, but the mental, emotional, and life-related stressors as well that also have a large impact on your health and condition.  

It is our holistic method of working towards the balance of a person’s body, mind, and life that makes us unique and why our clients learn to transform themselves for long-term health gains. 

Active Solutions for Active Problems

Active problems require active-based solutions for long-term results. At Deconstruct Health we help people take an active role in their health, in order to get you back to living your life again. 

During the course of your care with us you will learn how to use exercise, movement, cognitive and mindfulness-based strategies, and lifestyle and behavior modifications that are specifically tailored to you so that you can go from recovering to thriving.  

Care Where You Want, When You Want

Telehealth Video Call  

Receive personalized care in the comfort of your home through our HIPAA-compliant video conference service. 

Requires a laptop, computer, phone, or tablet with video and audio call capabilities. 

On-site Visits in the Clinic 

Receive 1-on-1 care in our welcoming and active affiliate spaces in Long Beach, CA or Los Angeles, CA dedicated to recovery and movement. 

Concierge Visits at Your Home or Office

Short on time, but want an in-person visit. Bring us to you and receive personalized care in the comfort of your home or office space. 

Nick Savaro

Michael is absolutely amazing! By far my favorite PT of all time! Not only is his energy infectious and his care totally genuine, but he’s beyond knowledgeable and able to make drastic progress in little time. He taught me so many valuable things, such as “Pain does not equal harm. Pain does not equal tissue damage. Acknowledge the pain and breathe through it. Visualize the neck as something soft and pliable instead of hard like a rock. These are just a few of the things Michael taught me along the way. I can’t recommend him enough!

Amy Samuelson

Michael Aquino helped improve my life, literally… It was his techniques and patience and talking to me in “human” words that taught me how to strengthen my body and other muscles that have me walking and dancing again. He is personable and enthusiastic! He is smart and understands holistically how to heal and in my case, a knee injury that was so painful I could not walk without limping… the exercises he taught me I can easily do now that I understand how to do them. I cannot recommend him highly enough. On a scale from one to ten stars. He gets ten stars!!!

Adam S.

Michael is a fantastic PT and was not only knowledgeable but also extremely attentive and available. He said we would be able to fix my problem and we did. He even got me up and running again, something I’ve done my whole life but thought I wouldn’t do again after some bad back spasms a few years prior. I’m really happy he came into my life when he did. Highly recommended.

Our Services

You Deserve to Thrive. We Are Here to Help.

Ortho/Sports Physical Therapy

Gender Affirming Services & Resources

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Retrain and Know Pain Coaching

Chronic Pain Physical Therapy

Mind Body Pain Recovery Program

Affirming, Inclusive, Positive

All pain is real and you will always experience validation of your experience at Deconstruct Health. Our approach centers around listening intently to our clients’ experiences in their bodies, so we can help them set their goals, develop a realistic action plan tailored to their needs, and achieve their health goals in a non-judgmental environment.

Cuong Nguyen
Cuong Nguyen
Been working with him for a while now for my pelvic floor muscle which has caused me a lot of troubles, my condition has been improved a lot thanks to his knowledge and treatments. Highly recommended if you have same problem as I do
Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson
I found Dr. Aquino online. I had been experiencing back spasms and chronic nerve pain in my lower extremity. Dr. Aquino used a combination of strength exercises and stretches to address my issues. I no longer have issues with lower back spasms, and have been able lift progressively more weight over time. My nerve issues have vastly improved as well. Dr. Aquino does a very good job of explaining your issues and how to treat them, using diagrams and a phone app that includes short videos of you doing the exercise or stretch, along with him describing how to perform it, which makes it very easy to follow your customized program at home. I was always very comfortable working with Dr. Aquino, as he is trained to treat his patients' physical challenges and the mental challenges that may be associated. After a half dozen weekly visits to address my issues, I have chosen to transition to monthly visits for general wellness, as Dr. Aquino is experienced in formulating exercise plans and tracking overall physical wellness.
Jason Gaines
Jason Gaines
Michael was amazing in helping me understand the mental, and how that impacts the physical injury! Would highly recommend his services - very much takes a holistic approach, giving you a 360-degree view into one's injury.
Blake Gover
Blake Gover
Michael is an amazing PT. He helped me to be basically pain free from a chronic pain issue I had with my hamstring for 6 years. He creates a plan just for you and modifies it based on your progress. Living with chronic pain is extremely difficult and frustrating. Michael has been someone I have counted on for support in handling it and has even helped me to overcome it when I never thought I would from both a mental and physical aspect. If you have chronic pain issues I would very much recommend him, he is the best physical therapist I have ever had and I have seen several over the course of my chronic pain history.
Laur Bolanovich
Laur Bolanovich
Dr. Aquino is compassionate, experienced, and clearly cares about his patients. After the sudden switch to work from home last year, I started experiencing carpal tunnel/wrist pain that was affecting my ability to work at a computer. Dr. Aquino's informed and kind approach helped me let go of a lot of the fear I was feeling around my injury, and I was pain free within six months of my first visit. I recently returned to Deconstruct Health for help dealing with a separate injury, and I'm relieved to have a physical therapist I can trust.
Cindy Cirlincione
Cindy Cirlincione
Dr. Aquino is patient and kind. His empathy is displayed with his going over the materials, extending his time and energy for sessions. He is very knowledgeable about chronic pain with firsthand experience. He said I was a difficult case due to my level chronic pain, but had faith that I would get better due to my motivation. I learned many coping skills and acceptance and commitment therapist and now I can do many activities that I thought I would never be able to do. He will guide you along the way, never give up.
Ang x
Ang x
I can’t say enough good things about Dr Aquino, he has helped my back pain more than massages and chiropractors ever could. Highly recommended!!
Sean Lott
Sean Lott
Dr. Aquino is a miracle worker. After dislocating my shoulder I thought that I would never be able to do the activities that I love to do again like swimming and yoga. He taught me that doing nothing about it and doing too much about it is why people take so long to recover and that more than half of dealing with pain is the social and mental aspects of it, not just the physical aspects. I have gained the confidence to go back to work lifting and every week I see him I see results. He is a master at making adjustments that differ depending on your situation and personalizes your treatment plan so it is not a “one size fits all” plan for every client. Amazing and quick results!
Patrick William
Patrick William
Dr. Aquino is a very experienced and knowledgeable Doctor that truly cares about his patients recovery both mentally and physically. I have had 3 failed spine surgeries and was in chronic pain for 9 years. I completed a 3 month recovery program with Dr. Aquino and have successfully reduced my back and shoulder pain by 90%. I would highly recommend Dr. Aquino to any person who is looking to have surgery or to anyone that has complications from a surgery. His expertise in all fields relating to physical and mental pain will help you on your road to recovery.