Frequently Asked Questions 

Here's What We Do Better

Do you take insurance? 

In order to provide high quality service at your convenience and guarantee you are ALWAYS receiving one-on-one therapy sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy (not by a PT aide or assistant), Deconstruct Health Physical Therapy & Consulting PC is a cash-based private practice.

The cash model allows us to provide you with evidence based care without insurance based restrictions. At Deconstruct Health we offer sliding scale rates in order to keep our services accessible.  

Do I need a Referral? 


People can wait weeks or months to receive a referral to see a physical therapist for their pain. Avoid unnecessary waiting while your condition worsens and get your pain addressed now. Under the Direct Access Bill, you are eligible to receive physical therapy services without a referral or prescription for 12 visits or 45 calendar days.

However, if your plan of care exceeds 12 visits or 45 calendar days have passed (whichever comes first), a physician’s referral is required to continue receiving care.


Doctors of Physical Therapy are licensed healthcare providers that specialize in the evaluation and treatment of neuromusculoskeletal and movement-related pain and dysfunction. We provide education and create treatment plans in order to provide non-pharmacological interventions to reduce or rid a person of pain and to improve or restore function. We also provide wellness and injury prevention related services to optimize your body for long term health.